Niagara GO Hub and Transit Stations Study

Niagara Region, in partnership with the municipalities of Grimsby, Lincoln, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, and in consultation with Metrolinx, is undertaking a GO Transit Hub and Transit Stations Study.

The study will support the introduction of two-way GO train service between Niagara Falls and Hamilton. It will involve the preparation of:

  • Preliminary design plans for each station
  • Secondary plans for the lands around the station areas
  • Transportation analysis around each station

The Hub and Transit Station Study area plans will help to support and inform many ongoing strategic initiatives, including the:

Goals, Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The goals and objectives of the study are to:

  • Identify a long-term vision and plan for future GO stations and the lands around the stations
  • Plan for growth and economic development
  • Support opportunities for high quality urban design, integrated mobility and transit-supportive development
  • Consult and collaborate with key stakeholders, agencies and the public
  • Identify critical infrastructure needs

Project Timeline

Niagara GO Hub and Transit Station Study Phases

Flow chart showing stages of GO Hub and Transit Station Study

The study stages flow chart shows the phases of the GO Hub and Transit Station Study and where we currently are in the process.

Phase 1: Study context and site review took place in Winter / Spring 2016 and has been completed

Phase 2: Prepare vision and principles for the study areas in Summer 2016 has been completed

Phase 3: Prepare draft secondary plans for the study areas in Fall / Winter 2017. This work is currently being done.

Phase 4: Complete primary zone technical analysis in Winter / Spring 2017

Phase 5: Prepare station area design and layout in Spring 2017

Phase 6: Complete implementation and planning framework update in Summer 2017


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