Schedule A+ Class Environmental Assessment Grimsby Watermain Replacement

The Study

The primary water supply to South Grimsby, Beamsville and Smithville is provided by the Grimsby Water Treatment Plant through a 500 mm diameter ductile iron watermain constructed in 1975 along the CNR tracks in the Town of Grimsby. The Niagara Region pays an annual license agreement fee to the railway because this watermain is on CNR property. Gaining access to the isolation control valves and the watermain for maintenance and repair is also challenging for Niagara Region staff.

In January 2016, this watermain failed twice in the section between Baker Road North and Nelles Road North. Given the age, condition, and previous history of failures and required repairs, the Niagara Region wishes to replace this entire section of watermain.

The Niagara Region has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study (Schedule A+) to investigate alternative solutions to relocate the watermain out of CNR property, enhance flow, improve maintenance access and create redundancy in the existing water distribution network.

The Process

The project is being planned in accordance with the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment guidelines. The Class Environmental Assessment process includes:

  • Public and review agency consultation
  • Identification of a problem or opportunity
  • Evaluation of alternative alignments and design concepts
  • Assessment of potential environmental impacts
  • Identification of measures to mitigate any adverse impacts
  • Conceptual design of the preferred alternative solution

How to Get Involved

Public input and comment are invited for incorporation into the planning and design of this project. Comments received from the public will be considered in the development of the final design concept.

A Public Information Centre will be held to provide information and receive feedback. The date and venue will be publicized in future newspaper advertisements.

For further information, contact one of the individuals identified below:

Mr. Stan Mathew, P.Eng.
Manager, Infrastructure
Associated Engineering
110A Hannover Dr. Suite 208,
St. Catharines, ON L2W 1A4
905-346-0990 ext. 250
Email Stan Mathew

Mr. Gino Giancola, B.Sc., C.E.T., PMP
Project Manager
Niagara Region, Water & Wastewater Engineering
3501 Schmon Pkwy., PO Box 1042
Thorold, ON L2V 4T7
905-980-6000 ext. 3735
Email Gino Giancola‚Äč

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