Visiting Friends and Families at our Homes

Outbreaks occur when a higher-than-average number of people who live and work in the home are sick with similar symptoms.

Visitors entering may be at risk of getting sick or taking the illness home to others.

Precautions to Take when Visiting during an Outbreak

  • Clean your hands before, during and after visiting your family member
  • Visit only your family member - if they are ill, they may have been asked to stay in their room
  • You may need to wear gloves, a gown or mask before entering their room
    (If you will be providing direct care to your loved one. Check with staff at the home.)

Precautions are for the residents, staff and your protection.

Help us Limit Illness and Outbreak

You can help limit illness in our facilities by:

  • Not visiting if you feel sick
  • Get your flu shot every year
  • Limit foods you bring in to your family member. Spoiled food at the bedside can cause illness

Contact your long term care home for more information.

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