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Important Payment Information During COVID-19

With many of our offices now closed to public access, Niagara residents, suppliers, and customers may have concerns regarding how you can continue to receive essential payments from or make payments to Niagara Region.

  • Suppliers

    Niagara Region accounts payable is operating business as usual. Invoices received by mail are being recorded and paid according to normal processes. However, for best service, suppliers should send invoices by email to:

    • For all projects where the Construction Act applies, email
    • For all other invoices, email

    We're requesting all suppliers of Niagara Region and Niagara Regional Housing sign up to receive electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments. For more information on how to enrol, contact

  • Ontario Works clients

    There are no disruptions to social assistance payments.

    We're committed to doing everything possible to ensure you receive your payments on time, as expected.

    • If you receive your payments through direct deposit, payments will continue to be deposited into your bank account as usual
    • If you receive your payments through an RBC reloadable payment card, payments will continue to be loaded onto the card as usual
    • Any benefit issuances by cheque will continue to be mailed and / or issued as usual

    Ontario Works recipients who currently receive cheque payments are encouraged to enrol in direct deposit or the reloadable payment card program. Contact your Ontario Works casemanager for more information on how to enrol.

  • Provincial Offences Court services

    Paying fines

    All pre-authorized payment arrangements are being processed on normal dates. Provincial offences fines can be paid online with or by phone at 905-687-6590.

  • Residents of long-term care homes

    Accommodation fees

    Resident bills will be sent monthly through regular channels. All pre-authorized payment arrangements will be processed on normal dates.

    If you're not enrolled for pre-authorized payment, contact the long-term care facility directly:

    • Deer Park Villa - 905-945-4164
    • Gilmore Lodge - 905-871-6160
    • Meadows of Dorchester - 905-357-1911
    • Linhaven - 905-934-3364
    • Northland Pointe - 905-835-9335
    • Rapelje Lodge - 905-714-7428
    • Upper Canada Lodge - 905-468-4208
    • Woodlands of Sunset - 905-892-3845

    Payments can be made by cheque at your long-term care home or mailed to Niagara Region headquarters.

    For other options, call 905-980-6000 ext. 3723 or email

    Resident trust accounts

    Trust account statements will be mailed quarterly as per normal processes. Comfort accounts can be topped up:

    • By cash at the long-term care home
    • By cheque at the long-term care home or mailed to Niagara Region headquarters
    • Through online banking using the bill payment option. You must choose NIAGARA REGION - RESIDENT TRUST as the payee / billing customer name. Use the 4 or 8 digit resident trust account number shown on your statement. This is available with Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal and CIBC.
  • Niagara Regional Housing tenants

    All pre-authorized payment arrangements will be processed on normal dates.

    We encourage you to enrol in pre-authorized payment by contacting your Property Administrator. Otherwise, you continue to have several options to make your payment:

    • Cheque only (no cash) to your secure community dropbox or mailed to Niagara Region headquarters. Cheques should be made payable to Niagara Regional Housing.
    • Online or telephone banking using the bill payment option and choosing NIAGARA REGIONAL HOUSING as the payee / billing customer name. Use your tenant number as the account number.
    • Interac e-transfers using services provided by your financial institution
      • Add a contact with Niagara Regional Housing as the name and as the email address
      • For each payment, your message must include your tenant number, along with a short description of the reason for payment. For example, T1234567 Rent Payment.
      • Niagara Regional Housing is set up for auto-deposit, so a security question and answer isn't required
      • Your bank may charge you a fee to send an e-transfer. Niagara Regional Housing isn't responsible for such charges. Contact your bank for more information.

All Customers

Niagara Region accounts receivable is operating business as usual. All pre-authorized payment arrangements will be processed on normal dates.

Make a payment online to pay for things such as invoices or for a long-term care resident.

Email for more information on options available to you to make your payment, such as mailing a cheque, online banking, credit card payments and electronic funds transfer.

For prompt service, customers can sign up to receive invoices by email.

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Contact Information

Personal Information and Privacy

Any personal information or personal health information submitted in writing will be collected, used and disclosed by members of Regional Council and Regional staff in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the Personal Health Information Protection Act, where applicable.

Freedom of Information

Any information you share will be used only for the intended purpose for which it was provided. If you have any questions, email our Access and Privacy Office or call 905-980-6000 ext. 3779.

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