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Needs and Opportunities

Needs and Opportunities Report - August 2016

This report identifies the most important needs and opportunities to be addressed by the Transportation Master Plan, including key action areas.

The needs and opportunities are based on the Transportation Master Plan vision and goals, consultation with residents and stakeholders, and a critical analysis of the current situation and future conditions. The report contains:

  • Trends and projections - observed and expected changes in population, land use, demographics, employment patterns, personal travel and freight movements
  • Transportation system performance - an assessment of the current and envisioned performance of Niagara's road, public transit and active transportation systems
  • A strategic view: needs and opportunities - identifying four groups of key needs and opportunities that can guide long-range transportation planning
  • Action areas: a summary of the six major areas in which the new Transportation Master Plan is likely to recommend policies, programs and projects

Context, Vision and Directions

Context, Vision and Directions Report - April 2016

This report includes information about the current transportation system and describes the transportation vision and direction for Niagara Region. The report summarizes:

  • Provincial and regional policies and plans
  • Existing conditions in Niagara region, including the road network, multi-modal transportation network, local and regional transit network, and active transportation network, transportation demand management and information connectivity
  • Current environment (physical, natural, socio-economic, cultural, and built) in the region
  • Demographic and travel trends
  • What we have learned so far that will frame the development of the Transportation Master Plan
  • Transportation vision, goals and objectives to support the Region's Transportation Master Plan
  • Relevant supporting material

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